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As an exclusive firm of high-level business consultants, coaches and advisors, Step Change Leader helps you identify and implement high impact solutions, bringing the best out of you and your team. Through the creation, development, and execution of core ideologies, you can lead your team and company to places that you may not have thought possible.


It is our honor to be of service to, and entrusted by, the powerful people and teams that desire to improve their impact in our world.  We take that responsibility seriously every day by fully committing to being lifelong learners and practitioners of generative leadership and ontological coaching distinctions.


We will help you grow the value of your teams, organizations,
and yourself.  You will be able to see and act, unlike most other
leaders or teams.  Your results will exceed expectations.

Meet Our Team

Greg Karl

I understand what you are going through. I have nearly 30 years of leadership, ownership and startup experience. Most recently as President/COO, leading a company to 240% growth, and becoming one of the largest privately held organizations of its kind.

Leadership can be a lonely place, caring for so many with the responsibility over so much. I have sacrificed and worried about how to develop the balance my spouse, my family, my team, and I desire and deserve.

I have experienced, studied and fought for a new way of leadership, discovering the distinctions of leadership that work along the way. There are ways to help you “see with new eyes”, so that you can take new actions and generate new results you did not know could exist in your life and leadership.

Ambitious entrepreneurs, business leaders, leaders in transition and senior teams hire us to help guide them down their unique path. I continue to marvel at the changes that take place when new self-knowledge leads to greater team-belief, action and results. It is my honor and passion to be of service to leaders in this way.


Greg Karl is the Principle and Executive Coach of Step Change Leader, a Denver, CO based Coaching and Facilitation firm specializing in Personal and Team Leadership Development and Effectiveness.  He is a published author and speaker on the topics of Leadership Development and Effectiveness, Life Leadership and Effectiveness, OKRs, Revenue Growth, Business Operating Systems and Emotional Intelligence.

Greg is a certified Ontological Coach, EOS Implementer, OKR Facilitator and continues training at the Institute of Generative Leadership.

Greg and his wife Michelle are passionate about giving their time to developing personal and organizational leadership and regularly contribute to MS Society, The Adoption Exchange, UC Health, MOPS, Boys and Girls Clubs.

Michelle Karl

Michelle Karl

Executive Life Coach and Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with 22 years of experience specializing in Women’s Issues.

Elayna Alexandra

Elayna Alexandra

Transformation Coach, working with organizations and individuals to manage change and transform breakdowns. Facilitator, Teacher & Business Strategist.

Sabine Ramsay

Sabine Ramsay

Newfield Ontological Coach, Marketing and Communications Expert with International Experience, Fluent in German.

Dan Winter

Dan Winter

Executive Coach & Consultant with 30+ years of global, industry experience growing leaders, teams, and organizations.

Michael Sanders

Michael Sanders

Leadership and National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), helps individuals, groups, and organizations to optimize their health, productivity, and performance.

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